As time passes, i find myself unable to distinguish whether the things we did together were before or after the breakup. My memories of us are slowly fading and mixing with the rest of me. I miss you. You helped shape me into who i am now in a huge way. I keep thinking that ive moved on, but really i just make myself forget until i go numb and quit feeling those parts of me that you always made me feel, whether good or bad. Because it hurts too much. But i cant say this to you. It will come off as another incident where im trying to make you feel sorry for me, for what you did, and im not. This is just one of those times where i forgot to forget you. I love you.

- t

Fun weekend!

So this weekend ive been at my dads having fun and relaxing. Ive been playing the drums a ton and playing video games and just basically relaxing a lot. And my dads letting me skip school monday to help him with yard work. But yeah. I hope you guys are doing good. I freaking love mcr and playing their songs on the drums is amazing

Fucking depressed

I saw a picture that looked EXACTLY like me and my ex and what we used to do. It made me really depressed. I feel lonely again. And i still miss her. Dating someone for a year is a big deal. At least to me and her it was. I fucked everything up. But ill get into telling you guys about that some other time. For now im going to be depressed. Ill post that picture so you’ll know what im talking about